This is going to be a labor of love. Welcome to my life.

So, who am I? Let me tell you. I was raised in Maine, moved to Los Angeles Angeles I was 28 with my wife we and have two kids, J and A.

I work at an awesome company and run a department that I absolutely love. It’s fun, its challenging, and it’s rewarding.

I am also overweight, which one fraction of this page will be dedicated to stopping that, I also like Tabletop Gaming, beer, and coffee.

That’s me, the fat bearded one. I’m like twice the size of the dude next to me. This is also my first time posting this picture.

But yes, I am doing the slow carb diet right now, and it’s pretty good. Sunday I allow myself to drink two beers.

The above picture is Golden Road’s Hefe. Strong banana flavor, if that’s your thing. I happen to like banana bread, so….

This was Belhaven Scottish Stout at the Buchanan Arms in Burbank, California.

I am “into” the following (in no order):

  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Craft beer
  • Power metal
  • Horror movies
  • My family
  • My career development
  • My health and continued existence
  • Self development
  • Coffee
  • Biohacking

Y’know, among other things.

I hope you stick around. It’ll be a fun ride.

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